RevDaveIn the name of the One who welcomes us all, you are welcome here at Christ United Methodist Church. The community of Jesus followers at Christ UMC desires to be a community of inclusive followers of Christ dedicated to transforming self and community.

I truly believe that each of us living out our daily lives seeks good—make sure that our families have all they need and leave things in a little better shape than we found it. In the midst of all of that is fighting with a daily commute, the demands of never-ending calendar invites and seeking to make sense of it all. Somewhere in the middle, we try to find quiet or a moment’s rest. At Christ UMC, we seek to not only help one another in the search for how to do it all—we also seek out deep questions of “why”—each of which ultimately have their source in Jesus. For all of your days that end in “why”, we’re here for you. There are many ways to get involved in this community of faith—from classes in which to grow, worship services to praise God, or a myriad of opportunities to serve our neighbors in the community.

There’s always a place for you in God’s ever-expanding embrace.

Whether you’d like to take the first step in your journey with Christ or the next step, I would love to talk with you about what’s on your heart and mind.